About Lauren Wilde

Lauren Wilde is a Los Angeles based makeup artist working in film, television and commercials. After years of experience working in the industry, Lauren focuses her time on department heading and keying. She loves collaborating with film teams to create the look and feel of a character and bring that vision to life.

Lauren is a member of Local 706 and received her Masters Degree in Wig and Makeup Design from North Carolina School of the Arts.

Her specialties include:
• beauty makeup
• mens grooming
• special effects makeup
• prosthetic applications
• hair work
• ventilating and wig making

Lauren hates talking about herself, so here is what some other professionals in the industry have to say about her:

"Lauren Wilde has a great talent for her craft, which is the primary reason to work with her and the reason I've hired her several times. But on top of that she also manages to excel as a head of department, always highly communicative and thoughtful, and she is a calming force on set. As one of the first people our cast saw every morning, Lauren was able to set a relaxed and focused tone for the day."

Annabel Oakes, director/ writer/ producer

“Lauren is exactly what you want in a makeup artist. She brings expertise along with an array of character and story-based ideas. And I've seen the rippling effects of her calming presence make a whole set run smoother.”

Danny Madden, director

“I’ve been lucky to have Lauren on my first two features and she’s not only a consummate pro but also just a lovely person to work with. She’s down for a challenge and puts talent at ease because she manages to keep mellow while always staying on top of everything."

Tyler Savage, director

“I have had the pleasure of working on productions alongside Lauren on and off for the last six years. Aside from her obvious talent, one of the most remarkable things about her is her calm and steady approach under pressure. She brings an energy of professionalism with a healthy dose of fun and a touch of zen to any production she is a part of. I have watched her execute flawless beauty looks and then jump straight into a complex blood rig gag without missing a beat. She is incredibly versatile, a major team player and very skilled at working with other departments to achieve everyone’s goal of a high-quality final product that best serves the story. To say the least, being on a show with Lauren is a huge bonus, and if I could work with her on every project until the end of time I’d be a very happy costume designer!”

Kerry Hennessy, costume designer