Lauren Wilde is a Local 706 Makeup Artist based in Los Angeles specializing in makeup design, special effects and prosthetics, and wig building. 

Lauren's diverse skills help her tackle all types of projects from film and television to music videos, prosthetics, and fine art. She has a love for making the impossible possible, and this have given her the experience and passion to move seamlessly between roles of designer to makeup artist to wig maker to prosthetics designer to managing departments all with ease and confidence. 

She is a passionate animal activist. In September 2014, she started her own company, Wilde Animals, creating realistic, life size animal head sculptures of endangered animals to raise education, money and awareness for endangered animals and their habitats. 

A graduate of the UNCSA Wig and Makeup Design masters program, she currently enjoys working in film and television, running Wilde Animals, working in special effects shops, building film quality wigs, sculpting and creating prosthetics, monsters, creatures, puppets, and above all making art.

Some of her recent accomplishments:

  • Chosen recipiant of the 2013 National Makeup Design Award by Kryolan

  • Showcasing her work both nationally and internationally

  • Wilde Animals heads showcasing in select galleries throughout the United States

  • Represented the United States and USITT internationally showcasing work at ShowTech Berlin

  • 1st place in Don Post Mask Making Competition

  • Chosen participant of the 2013 USITT Young Designers' Forum

  • Chosen participant of the 2014 and 2013 IMATS Battle of the Brushes International Competition.

Please feel free to contact Lauren regarding questions about work and rates. 



Feature Film:

The Werewolf (2019) Creature Designer

Beast Beast (2018) Makeup Department Head

To The Stars (2018)                                  Makeup Department Head

The Oath (2017)                                        Makeup Department Head

The Tomorrow Man (2017)                       Makeup Department Head

Burning at Both Ends (2017)                    Makeup Department Head

Inheritance (2016)                                    Makeup Department Head

Strange Nature (2015)                          Makeup Department Head

Dave Made a Maze (2015)                   Makeup Department Head

The Persian Connection (2015)            Key Makeup Artist

Sympathy Said the Shark (2014)           Makeup Department Head

About Scout (2013)                                Assistant Makeup Artist

Susie’s Hope (2012)                              Makeup Department Head

Bloody Homecoming (2011)                  Assistant Makeup Artist

Short Film:

Extent (2017)                                            Key Makeup and Hairstylist

Don't Be a Hero (2017)                           Key Makeup and Hairstylist

Carnal Orient (2015)                             Makeup Department Head

The Red House (2014)                         Key Hair Stylist/Special Effects Makeup Artist

Sarah Silverman Closes the Wage Gap    Assistant Makeup Artist

Waste Paper (2014)                              Makeup Department Head

Rock Opera (2014)                               Key Makeup Artist

End of the Road (2014)                        Makeup Department Head

Teeth (2014)                                         Makeup Department Head

Nursing Holmes (2013)                       Key Makeup Artist

The Death of Euridyce (2013)            Makeup Department Head

Wrinkle (2012)                                      Key Makeup Artist

The Bells of Frankenberg (2012)        Key Makeup Artist


Jane The Novela Pilot- The CW Makeup Department Head

The Edge of Seventeen Pilot- YouTube Makeup Department Head

American Vandal- Netflix                                                 Key Makeup Artist

No Dumb Questions - TruTV Pilot                                   Key Makeup Artist

Adam Ruins Everything (Season 1 and 2)- TruTV        Key Makeup Artist

The Britishes                                                                 Assistant Makeup Artist

Scheer-R-L                                                                     Key Hairstylist

Incubator- BET Pilot                                                      Key Makeup Artist

Dinner with Brett Gelman and Friends- Comedy Central    Assistant Makeup Artist


Commercial Work:

Brady Campaign PSA

Captain D's



Stitch Fix






Lab Work:

Ojala Production (Los Angeles) - Painting, Hairwork

Animal Makers (Los Angeles) - Hair Punching, Fabricator

Ralis Kahn (Los Angeles) - Sculpting, Mold Making, Prosaide Transfers

Human Analogue Application (Winston Salem) - Running silicone and polyfoam, seaming, life casts, mold making, body fabrication




Five Presidents - Milwaukee Rep             Makeup and Prosthetics Designer

Sweeney Todd - LSU Opera                     Wig and Makeup Designer

Hansel and Gretel- Opera Louisiane        Wig and Makeup Designer

The Mikado- LSU Opera Outreach           Wig and Makeup Designer

Beatrice et Benedict- LSU Opera             Wig and Makeup Designer

Shrek- First Stage Children’s Theater       Makeup and Prosthetics Designer

The Merry Widow- LSU Opera                  Wig and Makeup Designer

Die Fledermaus- Opera Louisiane            Wig and Makeup Designer

The Ring Cycle- Opera Louisiane             Wig and Makeup Designer

Le Nozze di Figaro- Opera Louisiane       Wig and Makeup Designer

A Little Night Music- LSU Opera               Wig and Makeup Designer

The Rape of Lucretia- LSU Opera             Wig and Makeup Designer

Orpheus ed Euridyce- LSU Opera             Wig and Makeup Designer

Web TV:

College Humor Original Sketches            Makeup Artist /Hair Stylist

Video Game High School: Season 3        Additional Makeup Artist

Music Videos:

Bleachers- "Don't Take the Money"                     Key Makeup Artist

Machine Gun Kelly- “A Little More”                  Key Hair Stylist

Cobalt Cranes- “Flowers on your Grave”        Key Hair and Makeup

Warner Drive- “Boys and Girls”                        Key Hair and Makeup

Forever Hyung- “Forever Hyung”                    Key Special Effects Makeup

Lattimore Platz- “Post Smoke”                         Key Special Effects Makeup


Local 706 Makeup Artist

UNCSA Wig and Makeup Department- Received MFA in 2013

Dick Smith Advanced Makeup Course- 2012

WigFits Internship (2013)- Wig making for Saturday Night Live